About Nebraska Propane Gas Association

Founded in 1947, the Nebraska Propane Gas Association (NePGA) is the only organization devoted solely to the future of Nebraska’s Propane Industry. We are almost 300 members strong. Headquarted in downtown Lincoln, NePGA is governed by a Board of Directors that consists of retail propane marketers, wholesale suppliers and equipment distributors. Marketers and suppliers have come to appreciate the importance of a strong, active and effective Association to represent their interests. NePGA is dedicated to enhancing the professionalism of its members and promoting the safe use of propane for Nebraskans.

Mission Statement

To promote success and professionalism as the collective voice of the propane industry.

What NePGA does for its members

NePGA members have access to valuable resources that help enhance your business. Here is an overview of the wide range of services and benefits NePGA offers.

Legislative and Regulatory Representation

Working to protect your business from government and regulatory barriers, NePGA serves as the voice of the Nebraska Propane Industry. NePGA is responsible for sponsoring, amending, and defeating legislation that impacts propane businesses. Building our going relationships with propane-related state agencies allows for a better understanding of the propane industry.

Safety and Technical Assistance

As any NePGA member you have access to get the answers to safety and technical questions on industry codebooks and complying with government regulations. Sample safety policies, forms and easy-to-use regulatory checklist and guides are available.

Propane Regulatory Compliance Guidebook NPGA and PERC jointly developed and distributed a propane-specific compliance guidebook encompassing DOT, EPA, and OSHA regulations. In addition, this program includes a manual and CD-ROM that trains propane employees in accordance to DOT/OSHA regulations.

Industry Publications

NePGA produces the Propane Strip, a weekly publication featuring Propane Patty, which delivers the latest news related to the propane industry.

The newsletter, Deliver, is published quarterly and provides thought-provoking articles on trends, events, and legal advice along with safety, regulatory, and technical information.

This website is a 24/7 tool providing fast and easy access to industry-related information; combining resources for consumers, ag producers, homebuilders, and media along with special member sections.

Public Relations

NePGA is working to educate the media and public about propane energy and build a positive reputation. NePGA’s PR efforts are getting the propane industry in the news and promoting propane as a viable energy source.

NePGA prepares and distributes news and informational releases to the media (TV, radio, newspapers, trade magazines). PR campaigns are coordinated for special events and activities.

NePGA has propane safety awareness brochures available to educate consumers how to properly and safely handle propane.

NePGA participates in both ag and home shows to increase consumer awareness on the benefits of propane.

Invaluable Networking Opportunities

NePGA provides ways for you to meet and make contacts with members from all areas of the industry through board meetings, educational sessions, conventions, and social events.

Annual Convention

NePGA holds an annual convention that provides marketers an invaluable resource for networking with their peers in the industry at various social events along with educational sessions on timely topics.

Educational and Training Programs

NePGA is constantly striving to improve the level and availability of educational offerings based on industry changes and member requests. NePGA offers a variety of training sessions for the propane industry and allied industries.

Employee Qualification Classes

NePGA with funding from NPERC holds initial and recurrent training classes across the state each year. We conduct quality-training classes in propane job-specific areas incorporating both classroom and hands on training.

District Safety Meetings

These sessions are conducted in each district across the state and focus on a current industry safety or regulatory issue to provide on-going training for employees.

Topical Issues Sessions

NePGA is exploring offering workshops addressing business issues such as customer service, as well as sales and marketing.

PHCC/HVAC Sessions

Propane-specific sessions are designed for PHCC/HVAC professionals who install and repair propane systems and equipment.

Membership Application

For Membership Application contact us at:
Lynne McNally – Executive Director
301 South 12th Street, Suite 140
Lincoln, NE 68508
Phone: (402) 475-3996
[email protected]